Dear Bianca

One thing after losing a part of you, someone so close to you.

You really never find your way back home. It doesn’t matter where you live, how many people are around, the truth is you remain incomplete and very lonely.

Homesick is the new reality and now you have to seek the end of the road to ever be whole again.

The emptiness is very real, the void takes its toll on you. The fear starts sinking in on how much more you can endure.

I’m living a nightmare and each day I awake I have to lose you all over again.

I have never cried all my life. That now adds up to what I cry in a day.

It’s been 4 years now and I’m beginning to learn. I can’t accept it and if someone tells me I have to, they should just dig my grave.

 I have pleaded with God just about everyday.

God father almighty if you can part the red sea then please  let me see my little  girl.

Also If the sound of your voice made all the stars in the world, the  sun and moon included, then please let me hear her voice.

My faith has been  more than a mustard seed and my love for you will always  be endless.

The bible says You can ask for anything in my name and it will be granted so I ask  for her back.

Let me feel whole again, let me feel joy again , let me breathe again. 

If not now then here remains my weary soul. 

I have no choice but to believe in your timing. There are days

I can barely stand but for you my beloved  Bianca I know I have to live here for now..

I know the only way back to you is through this life. I love you with all that I am.

Each day I will keep fighting to see you.

I am on my way home. I will see you soon, my most missed Bianca Rose.