Inspiring and impacting the minds of our youth through education and community

Our mission

To promote the awareness of  mental and social health in adolescents under the age of 24. We want to assist all who have been impacted by mental health conditions such as teen suicide, anxiety, depression, bullying and other social factors. Our goal is to implement educational programs in our school systems and other markets that have a target/focus on youth mental and socialhealth.

Why we got started

On May 15, 2017 the world lost a beautiful soul to suicide – Her name was Bianca Rose Capri Palek. Bianca was only 15 years old. Following this loss the family had initial plans to begin a memorial race in Bianca’s honor; however after researching and seeing the staggering statistics of teen suicide Bianca’s Aunt talked to Bianca’s Mom about doing something more significant and starting a Non-Profit. The initial goal was to touch on Teen suicide however, as time when on it was obvious that there was a need to address the root cause of the issue and cover all aspects of mental and social health in our youth. So here we are today with the newly founded Non-Profit Organization you now know as The Bee Rose Foundation Inc. Bee Rose Foundation was incorporated in May 2019.


Their stories matter. This count represents the stories we have made note of since starting in 2019. We want this number to grow.


Amount that we have raised since our first fundraising event in 2018.


The number of volunteers and count of individuals who have reached out to offer thier assistance in some way since we’ve kicked off of our first fundraising event.

How to interact with us

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